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Beloit College book swap

Buy, sell, trade, evade massive money drain.

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Moderated by luz_y_sombra & oldboards. To email us--you will find out why you would need to do this if you read the rest of the rules--if you really go to Beloit, you will know where you can look us up--we both have unique last names at the college. Torres or Cash-Davis.


  • This community is for Beloit College students only. Membership is restricted as such. People requesting to join should
    a) first of all request to join (and since we are not trying to weed out the lj-retarded, here are step-by-step instructions for joining a community)
    You can ask to join any community simply by clicking the link that says "To join this community, click here," which can be found at the top of the info page (this page)
    After doing that,
    b)also email one of the community mods (or drop a comment on one of the mods' journals) with their name and student email account so we can make sure they actually go to Beloit.
    You must complete both steps to be approved! Except that we are nice and will most likely let you in if we know of you and that you go to Beloit, anyway.

  • Post only entries relevant to books. It has been brought to our attention that this doesn't have to be limited to textbooks although that had been the original idea. We don't see why you couldn't also trade off all your Harlequin paperbacks or whatev.
    Since all members will be from Beloit College, swapping shouldn't be too difficult. If you are looking for information on Beloit College, please visit beloit_college.

  • You may...
    a) buy/ sell
    b) trade (Fair trade is up to you. Since we're all in Beloit, maybe you want to meet first to
    check out a book's condition before agreeing, for example.)
    c) give away
    ...your books. Don't be a fuck and sell stuff that isn't yours.

  • You can ask to see if any students are willing to sell a book you are looking for.

  • This community is moderated where it is, but agreements are made between members on their own time. We are not responsible for anyone getting ripped off. Use your head.

  • Don't post the same stuff over and over again. If no-one wants it the first time, then they probably won't this time!

  • If your post has been deleted and you don't know why, email one of the mods (see top of info for email address stuff) and ask. DO NOT make a new post asking why. We will comment before deleting posts, so check your email before contacting us.

  • Keep track of who you are doing business with. All "Where is my stuff?" posts will be deleted. If you absolutely need to get in contact with someone post only their name/username and put the story behind an lj-cut. If it's not behind a cut, you will be warned with a comment, and then the post will magically disappear. Poof!

  • If someone gives out their contact info, be a good person. We're all using the honor system.

  • We don't want to have to lay the smack down and ban anyone. So again, just be nice and follow the rules. We think they are reasonable. If you disagree, no one is making you join/ stay anyway.

  • Finally, please don't let all the rules scare you! Post! Thank you!