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Selling books - FREN 240 - ECON 150

French 240 Character of French lit with Scott Lyngaas - selling all books except for Candide
Le chevalier au lion
Le livret du poesie (que Scott a assemblé pour notre class, qui commence avec "Le roissignol" de Marie de France et termine avec "La morte de l'auteur" de Barthes)
Le malade imaginaire (Molière)
Le chef d'oeuvre inconnu (Balzac)
Une Têmpete (Césaire)
Le ravissement de Lol V. Stein (Duras)
You can have the booklet for $3 and the books for $7 each, unless you can find a better deal somewhere else. If you show me a better offer (including their shipping), I will re-negotiate the price to match that.

Econ 150 microeconomics with Emily Chamlee-Wright
(the textbook is published by Aplia and is optional to aid with the online coursework)
It is the publisher's unedited version, so there are some interesting statements like "Vanilla doesn't get any respect." It is two paperback volumes, one containing the first half of the book and one containing the second. Paid $23, but the first bidder can have it for $14.

I don't underline a lot in my textbooks, a few passages here and there, and usually always in pencil.

And if you already bought your books at Turtle Creek, you can return them until this coming Monday when the bookstore closes.
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