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Books, books, books ...

(This is cross-posted to my journal, annekoplinka, and belwah_bookswap as well ...)

One of these days I will do a full inventory of books I have if people want to buy/trade for/borrow them ... but for now, here are the classes I am taking next semester and the books I have (from the classes I had) this semester:

Am looking for books for these classes:
EDUC 266: Comparative Education (with Sadique Isahaku)
PSYC 265: Cross-Cultural Psychology (with Greg Buchanon)
POLS 265: Nationalism and Ethnic Politics (with Beth Dougherty)
RLST 240: Arabic and the Qur'an (I doubt anyone has books I would need for this ... except maybe an Arabic dictionary!)

Took these classes and have the books (this semester, and past semesters):
POLS 247: African IR (with Beth Dougherty)
PSYC 100: Intro to Psych (with Cynthia Gray)
RLST 200: Islam (with Debra Majeed)
MATH 103: Cultural Approaches to Mathematics (with Darrah Chavey) - I have two copies of Marcia Ascher's book, and am willing to sell it for less than the used price at the bookstore - it is usually over $60 new!! I would love one to come back to me, though, so am willing to loan it or trade it ... I also have Zaslovsky's book that I want to keep, but someone can use for the semester (again, we can work something out).

(I think I still have most of the books...)
EDUC 101: Education in a Democratic Society
POLS 160: International Politics (with Pablo Toral)
ANTH 100(?): Society and Culture (with Nancy McDowell)
ENGL ?? - Creative Writing (with Rick Meier)
FREN 290: French Novel and the Cinema

A lot of FYI books, like the Stepford Wives, The Jungle, V.S. Naipaul's book (?), The End of Nature (yay!), etc ...

Please let me know (post what you're interested in) if you want to get your hands on any of these ... and my email should be obvious if you use the second part of my sn on the Beloit email page.


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