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Beloit College book swap [entries|friends|calendar]
Beloit College book swap

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Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs & Bio Issues: Emerging Inf. Diseases [07 Jan 2007|06:44pm]

I have a cool kit called "Fun With Hieroglyphics." It consists of stamps of different hieroglyphs, an ink pad, and a booklet about hieroglyphs. $15.

Also, I have the textbook Marion will most likely use again for the Emerging Infectious Diseases class. $40.

Prices=negotiable. Any takers?
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[29 Aug 2005|09:39pm]


Physics 101Collapse )


The same ones as oldboards: Sociology 100 w/LinnenbergCollapse )
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[29 Aug 2005|07:39pm]
books for books for Linguistics 100Collapse )

WILL LOAN/ SELL / SWAP (depending on the book--ask)
books for intro-sociology (100) with Cate Linenberg (sp)Collapse )
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Selling books - FREN 240 - ECON 150 [21 Jan 2005|11:51pm]

French 240 Character of French lit with Scott Lyngaas - selling all books except for Candide
Le chevalier au lion
Le livret du poesie (que Scott a assemblé pour notre class, qui commence avec "Le roissignol" de Marie de France et termine avec "La morte de l'auteur" de Barthes)
Le malade imaginaire (Molière)
Le chef d'oeuvre inconnu (Balzac)
Une Têmpete (Césaire)
Le ravissement de Lol V. Stein (Duras)
You can have the booklet for $3 and the books for $7 each, unless you can find a better deal somewhere else. If you show me a better offer (including their shipping), I will re-negotiate the price to match that.

Econ 150 microeconomics with Emily Chamlee-Wright
(the textbook is published by Aplia and is optional to aid with the online coursework)
It is the publisher's unedited version, so there are some interesting statements like "Vanilla doesn't get any respect." It is two paperback volumes, one containing the first half of the book and one containing the second. Paid $23, but the first bidder can have it for $14.

I don't underline a lot in my textbooks, a few passages here and there, and usually always in pencil.

And if you already bought your books at Turtle Creek, you can return them until this coming Monday when the bookstore closes.
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Books, books, books ... [11 Dec 2004|08:29pm]

(This is cross-posted to my journal, annekoplinka, and belwah_bookswap as well ...)

One of these days I will do a full inventory of books I have if people want to buy/trade for/borrow them ... but for now, here are the classes I am taking next semester and the books I have (from the classes I had) this semester:

Am looking for books for these classes:
EDUC 266: Comparative Education (with Sadique Isahaku)
PSYC 265: Cross-Cultural Psychology (with Greg Buchanon)
POLS 265: Nationalism and Ethnic Politics (with Beth Dougherty)
RLST 240: Arabic and the Qur'an (I doubt anyone has books I would need for this ... except maybe an Arabic dictionary!)

Took these classes and have the books (this semester, and past semesters):
POLS 247: African IR (with Beth Dougherty)
PSYC 100: Intro to Psych (with Cynthia Gray)
RLST 200: Islam (with Debra Majeed)
MATH 103: Cultural Approaches to Mathematics (with Darrah Chavey) - I have two copies of Marcia Ascher's book, and am willing to sell it for less than the used price at the bookstore - it is usually over $60 new!! I would love one to come back to me, though, so am willing to loan it or trade it ... I also have Zaslovsky's book that I want to keep, but someone can use for the semester (again, we can work something out).

(I think I still have most of the books...)
EDUC 101: Education in a Democratic Society
POLS 160: International Politics (with Pablo Toral)
ANTH 100(?): Society and Culture (with Nancy McDowell)
ENGL ?? - Creative Writing (with Rick Meier)
FREN 290: French Novel and the Cinema

A lot of FYI books, like the Stepford Wives, The Jungle, V.S. Naipaul's book (?), The End of Nature (yay!), etc ...

Please let me know (post what you're interested in) if you want to get your hands on any of these ... and my email should be obvious if you use the second part of my sn on the Beloit email page.


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Books! [10 Dec 2004|04:30pm]

I've got books for anyone who's going to be taking Modern Dance 1 and/or Intro to Feminism with Adale, just to let you know. Whee.
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[04 Dec 2004|02:11pm]

Right then. So I have the following books up fer the swappin'.

The following are all for a "Love" FYI seminar, so you won't need them for a class, but if you want them, we could swap for something I need...
-David Chelsea in Love
-Romeo and Juliet
-Antony and Cleopatra
-Tristan and Iseult
-Hella Greek/Roman erotic poetry
-Some Ovid
-Some other stuff that escapes me right now.

If you're into this shit, I also have some books I could trade. Not for classes, just for pleasure. If it tickles your fancy, but perhaps it'd be disingenous to the spirit of this community.
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Semester changing [04 Dec 2004|01:54pm]

[ mood | unloved ]

Since it's almost the end of the semester and you probably know what classes you got into (at least tentatively), post books you plan on not using again (heck, you might get more money here than at turtle creek!) or post your classes and the profs and see if anybody has any of the books you need (I know sometimes profs' book choices change, so you should look into it before agreeing to buy a book). If you think this community has no reason for existing please let us know because only 3 people posted last semester! =(

</3, your mods mira and grace

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Selling: SOCI, SPAN [04 Sep 2004|04:59pm]

[ mood | content ]

Looking for WGST150, EDUC 240, LING 100

Looking to sell or trade, I'm negotiable to offers.


w/ Pieratt-Seeley, C.

Great Divides: Readings in Social Inequality in the United States 2nd Edition By: Thomas M. Shapiro Condition is really good. $30 O.B.O (or best offer).

The Ordeal of Integration  By: Orlando Patterson. Nice hardcover edition. $10 O.B.O 


*Composicion: proceso y sintesis  4th Edition   By: Valdes, Dvorak, Hannum, Angelelli

Brings CD with spanish spell-check. Bought new last year. Name me a price.

*Conexiones- Comunicacion y Cultura (workbook) 2nd Edition  By: Zayas-Bazan, Bacon, Garcia

Not used. Name me a price.

*I don't know whether these books are still used in class or for which class specifically.*

What I'm Looking For:Collapse )

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books you want [31 Aug 2004|10:03pm]

I have excavated my closet and discovered the following useful texts:

The Anthropology of Religion by Richley H. Crapo
Mc-Graw Hill, 2003
Purchased for my anthropology of religion class and dropped from the syllabus. I don't know if anyone is using this text, but hey ... if you're interested in anthropology and/or religion, it's yours.

Cultural Anthropology by Barbara D. Miller
2nd ed., Allyn & Bacon, 2002
A must for Kim Mills's Society and Culture class. Maybe other intro anthro classes. Check to make sure it's the edition you need. I hope so.

Images of the Past, Price and Feinman
3rd ed., 2001, Mayfield Publishing
it's a little water damaged but should suit you fine for your archaeology class. I like it. I might keep it if no one wants it.

Frauds, Myths, & Mysteries by Kenneth Feder
4th ed., 2002, McGraw-Hill
Dan Shea's favorite.

Ideals and Ideologies, Ball and Dagger
4th ed., 2002, Longman Press
The edition in the bookstore is new, but I checked it out, and there isn't much new stuff in it besides a couple articles about political Islam, which you could always mack from your friends in the class. I'll make you a deal.

some things I am looking for this semester:
A Modern History of Iraq by Phebe Marr ... just bought this book for Beth Dougherty's West Asia class, but it was pricey, and I'd return it if I could find something used.

Any of the texts for Ann Davies's Constitutionalism and National Security class:
American National Security and Civil Liberties
Terrorism and the Constitution
Presidential War Power
All the Laws But One (William Rehnquist!)

And all you Hawthorne fans, if you have any of the following novels gathering dust on your bookshelf:
The Marble Faun
House of the Seven Gables
The Blithedale Romance

willing to trade for books, cash, food, items of clothing, trips to the movies, guided tours of famous places. make me an offer.
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[31 Aug 2004|10:32am]

Welcome to the community, everyone.

I have some books left over from last year, but I think they are out of date already.
Alles Gute work book and lab book.
If anyone wants them for practice or anything...

I will trade for
a copy (in French) of Candide (ou l'Optisme)
or (English) of the AP Stylebook.

I would also take music or money in exchange.

As another style of posting, people are welcome to post all the books they need for class and if anyone already has that book and wants to trade/sell they may say so.

also check out http://www.campusi.com
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