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books you want

I have excavated my closet and discovered the following useful texts:

The Anthropology of Religion by Richley H. Crapo
Mc-Graw Hill, 2003
Purchased for my anthropology of religion class and dropped from the syllabus. I don't know if anyone is using this text, but hey ... if you're interested in anthropology and/or religion, it's yours.

Cultural Anthropology by Barbara D. Miller
2nd ed., Allyn & Bacon, 2002
A must for Kim Mills's Society and Culture class. Maybe other intro anthro classes. Check to make sure it's the edition you need. I hope so.

Images of the Past, Price and Feinman
3rd ed., 2001, Mayfield Publishing
it's a little water damaged but should suit you fine for your archaeology class. I like it. I might keep it if no one wants it.

Frauds, Myths, & Mysteries by Kenneth Feder
4th ed., 2002, McGraw-Hill
Dan Shea's favorite.

Ideals and Ideologies, Ball and Dagger
4th ed., 2002, Longman Press
The edition in the bookstore is new, but I checked it out, and there isn't much new stuff in it besides a couple articles about political Islam, which you could always mack from your friends in the class. I'll make you a deal.

some things I am looking for this semester:
A Modern History of Iraq by Phebe Marr ... just bought this book for Beth Dougherty's West Asia class, but it was pricey, and I'd return it if I could find something used.

Any of the texts for Ann Davies's Constitutionalism and National Security class:
American National Security and Civil Liberties
Terrorism and the Constitution
Presidential War Power
All the Laws But One (William Rehnquist!)

And all you Hawthorne fans, if you have any of the following novels gathering dust on your bookshelf:
The Marble Faun
House of the Seven Gables
The Blithedale Romance

willing to trade for books, cash, food, items of clothing, trips to the movies, guided tours of famous places. make me an offer.
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